Sally Gardens provide a diverse range of youth based activities in partnership with local and regional providers. Youth programmes focus on early intervention initiatives with the primary aim of developing young people into positive role models that can influence others.

Sally Gardens & Safer Neighbourhood Intervention Disco

Colin Safer Neighbourhood Project provides a weekly disco each Friday 7.00pm-8.30pm, targeting 7+ age group. The disco is run and managed by a team of volunteers.

Connect Youth Project

The Connect Youth Project aim to remove individual barriers to training and employment by assisting young people aged 15-25 to overcome extreme, social and educational disadvantage so they can make a difference in their lives, enabling them to become economically active and make a positive contribution to their communities.

Opening times:

Monday 11.30-6.00pm

Tuesday 1.00-9.00pm

Wednesday 1.00-9.00pm

Thursday 12.00-8.00pm

Co-Ment Employability Programme

Takes place Monday to Friday, please contact Charlene for further details .

Job Assist

Job Assist provides an outreach facility each Wednesday 11.30am-1.00pm. Job Assist Centre is a community employment service which strives to challenge the exceptionally high levels of unemployment, economic inactivity and poverty in West Belfast. Job Assist provides mentoring and support to those furthest from the labour market to removing barriers to employment.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training takes place each Tuesday & Thursday 6.00pm-7.00pm .


PCSP Funds Sally Gardens Inclusion Project

Well done to our Poleglass group that attended a Community Inclusion Project at Sally Gardens funded through PCSP.  The group have been exploring the importance of active citizenship and the role young people play in creating a positive image in the Poleglass area.  The group intend holding a question and answer with the local PSNI team, a great opportunity to highlight issues from both sides!