News: Sally Gardens Summer Scheme

Over July & August 2012 Young people from the Colin area enjoyed a fun-packed summer scheme.

Funding received from SEELB enabled Sally Gardens Community Centre to put in place a much needed summer intervention initiative.

Feedback from young people and parents rated, Family Fun Day, day trip to Crawfordsburn, Jumping Jacks and the Cinema as the top attractions.

One parental evaluation comment summed the entire experience as ‘HAPPY CHILD HAPPY PARENT’.

A special thank you must be extended to a team of ten volunteers making the experience both fun and professional.

Intergenerational Project

Sally Gardens Senior Citizens Club joined forces with young people from the Bytes Project in an intergenerational project.

Youth Justice supported the project, providing young people with the opportunity to explore issues that matter most to Senior Citizens living in the Colin area.

The project has certainly improved relations between young people and senior citizens and feedback from both groups highlighted the need to build on the positive work.

Drugs Awareness Programme

Fifteen young people benefited from a drugs awareness programme facilitated by Ascert.

Over a number of sessions, young people received information on the negative aspects of drug/alcohol misuse, focusing on mental health implications and building confidence to resist peer pressure.

The sessions had been extremely informative, reinforcing the need to engage in a positive lifestyle.