Teen Skills Programme

Teen Skills Programme

As part of Sally Gardens Teen Skills programme 8 participants completed OCN Level 2 Drugs Awareness.  Participants gained an understanding of the risks associated with drug misuse and signs of possible drug misuse.  In addition OCN Level 2 & Level 1 Social Media had been delivered to 9 participants, The Project was funded and supported by Belfast City Council DPCSP and Department for Communities.


Sally Gardens Party In The Park

Sally Gardens Party In The Park

A big thank you to Belfast City Council for contributing much needed funding for Sally Gardens Party In The Park event on 7th July 2016 with over 800 residents attending.  Again we could not have done this without the support of the community, our fantastic team of staff and volunteers!  A great community event showing civic pride and passion for the Colin area. 

Party In The Park 2Party In The Park


Belfast Lord Mayor Arder Carson Presents Award to Sally Gardens

Lord Mayor Arder Carson presents a certificate of recognition to the Sally Gardens team for their service and dedication to community work in the Colin area.  The Lord Mayor provided a great overview of his role and some achLord Mayor Visitievements over his term in office.

Sally Gardens Youth Club Visits Dublin Zoo

Sally Gardens pulls out all the stops during mid-term break with a fantastic trip to Dublin Zoo on 15th February 2016. Forty young people attended the event and a great response from parents highlighted the need to continue this type of intervention.  A special thank you to our committed team of volunteers.Dublin Zoo

Jennifer McCann Junior Minister MLA Attends Awards Ceremony

A huge thank you to our loJMCC Awardscal Junior Minister and MLA Jennifer McCann for attending an awards ceremony at Sally Gardens on 26th January 2016.  Our young people received certificates for a recent series of accredited programmes to include, OCN Level 1 Drugs Awareness, OCN Level 1 Young People & Youth Justice, OCN Level 1 Peer Mentoring and many more.  Over 65 accredited qualifications have been achieved by our young people, a credit to their commitment and desire to make a difference in the lives.